1872 - 1936

Ida Cason Callaway

Ida Jane Cason was a beautiful and bright student at Southern Female College in LaGrange, GA, when she met the young merchant, Fuller Callaway. They quickly fell in love. During their brief courtship, Ida would receive from Fuller bunches of much-prized bananas at her dormitory. His was the first store to introduce this imported delicacy to town.

Three months short of her 19th birthday, Ida left college to marry Fuller. The weekend wedding took place in Jewell, GA., Ida’s hometown. Being of a practical mind, the couple arranged the ceremony and festivities so Fuller would miss only one day from the store. About their wedding Ida wrote, “We both felt it was the best day’s work we ever did. Seemingly, we were children, but we both had ambition and the priceless advantages of early training by Christian parents who were honest, and read and lived by their Bibles.”

Ida and Fuller had a happy life together and were devoted to each other and their respective roles as homemaker and provider. Ida took pride in her career as a wife and mother. She entertained guests, cared for live-in family, and nurtured her children in the Southern tradition.

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